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Accountabilty Reports

Waiakea Elementary School
Narrative Summary of the Academic & Financial Plan
School Year 2011-12

Academic Goals:
  • Reading Proficiency 72% school wide for all sub groups
  • Mathematics Proficiency 64% school wide for all sub groups

Plans for financial resources to meet the goals:
The total projected school budget is $3,749,503. Most of the funds, Weighted Student Formula (WSF) and Title I, will be used to provide student to teacher ratios as low as possible, an array of comprehensive student supports and basic operations to support the school learning environment. A portion of the available funds is to be used to support Targeted Interventions based on data analysis that are designed to address specific root causes of inadequate student performances. Some funds will also support staff development as well as family involvement activities.

Standards Based Education: $3,214,520

Quality Student Support: $534,983

Continuous Improvement:

School Operations: $637,762

Other funding resources anticipated, or grants to be received, that are part of the academic plan, that may not be listed in the financial plan:

Extended Learning Opportunities Grant (ELO)